baucalis /’bɔːkəlɪs/ n. vessel used to cool wine.

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Romans chilled their wine in a special vessel called baucalis. Over centuries, in fact millennia, that word was adopted in many languages and took different forms – boccale, pokal, бокал, – and different meanings, such as drinking glass. Now we are using it to describe a different kind of container. We will fill our Baucalis with stories about drinks. We will travel to places where they are created. We will talk to people who make them. Join us on our journey and take your baucalis with you. Surely, we will find something delicious to fill it with.

…the Ratings

Each reviewed wine has two ratings: quality and value for money.

Rating Quality Value for money
1stars Won’t drink again, not even for free Rip-off!
2stars-1 Won’t buy again, but would have a glass if offered Overpriced
3stars-1 Would buy a bottle or two Just right
4stars-1 Would buy a case Cheap
5stars-1 Outstanding! (Shut-up-and-take-my-money kind of stuff) Bargain!

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